Maintain Stock Value

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Maintain Stock Value

  1. Introduction
  2. SETUP Maintain Stock Value
  3. UPDATE Month End Stock Value
  4. Stock Opening Balance

1. Introduction

  • Update the month end stock value.


2. SETUP Maintain Stock Value

  • This is ONE time setup Maintain Stock Value for each stock type, eg. Raw Material, Trading Products, & Manufactured Products.
  • Click NEW to create.

  • Ensure same stock type assigned to P&L Opening Stock A/C, P&L Closing Stock A/C and Balance Sheet Stock A/C. See example below the screenshot.

3. UPDATE Month End Stock Value

  • Highlight and EDIT the Maintain Stock Value.

  • Select the Year.
  • Select the Project. (Default project is “—-“)
  • Point to the month and input the stock value.
  • Click SAVE.

4. Stock Opening Balance

  • Lets assume the System Conversion Date is 01/01/2004.
  • To capture the opening stock balance as at 01/01/2004, you need to key-in the stock value in 31/12/2003 in GL | Maintain Stock Value…